Total Knee Replacement Program

University Center for Ambulatory Surgery (UCAS) is pleased to announce a series of videos documenting the process of total knee replacement surgery at UCAS, courtesy of Halyard Health. UCAS is a freestanding outpatient surgery center specializing in orthopaedic surgery with a unique focus on same-day joint replacement and minimally invasive spine surgeries. The experienced and innovative surgeons at UCAS, along with a team of nationally recognized anesthesiologists who specialize in pain management, can perform these procedures and have the patient go home the same day.

In these videos, the UCAS team of doctors, nurses and physical therapists discuss the advances in total knee replacement surgery and what makes their program unique. The videos below provide a resource for patients interested in learning more about the outpatient total knee program:

Pre-op Patient Visit: Learn about the interview and consultation process with the doctors and physical therapist to create optimal conditions before the procedure.:

Anesthesiologist and Surgeon Meeting

Surgery Day: You will see the entire anesthetic procedure conducted using the Halyard Health products and the implantation of the On-Q* relief system for post-op pain management.

Patient Check In

Block Procedure

Total Knee Replacement Surgery



Post-surgery Home Visits: What makes UCAS unique is comprehensive home care immediately following your same-day procedure. Learn about the services available after you arrive home.

Post Surgery – Home Visits

What Patients Say: Listen to two of our patient success stories and their satisfaction with post-op care and results.



What Clinicians Say: Learn about the importance of our team approach, the success of our program, and more on how we handle pain management.

What is the importance of teamwork in an outpatient joint program?

What makes a successful program from start to finish?

Why is it worth the effort to start a one day joint program?

How important is pain management for a successful outpatient total knee replacement?

What is the role of the ON-Q* pump?

Final Thoughts: The On-Q* pump is an invaluable tool for successful pain management and the overall accomplishments of our total knee replacement program.

How do patients typically do with the outpatient total knee replacement?

What is the role of the ON-Q* pump in making yo ur outpatient total joint program a success?

UCAS is a multidisciplinary team of experts who have revolutionized knee replacement surgery by creating a comprehensive outpatient surgery program for joint replacement and spine surgery.

If you’re interested in additional information on same-day surgery or would like to schedule a consultation, call University Center for Ambulatory Surgery at 732-289-9597.

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